To Whom It May Concern

was where I stated describing dinosaurs to my friends, the raptors were my friends dusted in flamboyant feathers to distract from the turmoil inside,
the longnecks towered over the crowd as gentle huge footed giants that forgot about
the squirrel mushed between their toes,
Duckbills were placid,
Spike tails were wanders lost amongst the foliage of brick walls,
The T-Rex was thought of as dumb and without purpose
but with a heart of platinum shining bright,

What is the Beginning?

WARNING: This may be controversial to some, Triggering

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"We will never know what the beginning is, but how about the ending?"


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"Watching her grow through pictures isn’t easy

            The day she first smiled..."


Was I really flying

                   to the sky that held no amount of wonder

         for those who are blind to the ground below?

                                                                                                                                    Is it true? 

That there is a wondrous world beyond

         these fluffy condensation filled clouds, that no man has seen before?

There is