Based in Boise, Idaho, The word No Has Escaped is a blog by Regan Meade. Her posts explore her life and the world around her through poetry; and to explore the creative mind by encouraging other writers to challenge themselves with writing prompts.


Welcome To My Home


This is a recent wonder

    The doom that aided in the paralysis of my heart

Has shown that alcohol, in a pinch, can save the world 

     In contrast the rain has destroyed what could have been a wondrous occasion

Now the adornment upon our hearts has dried up as our souls were scalded bacon 

      in the pitch black skillet of our world.



Welcome to my blog!


I thought that opening this new poetry blog would be fitting. It was a challenge from a previous professor to use 10 specific words in a poem in 10 lines or less. I used doom, alcohol, contrast, adornment, recent, bacon, pinch, paralysis, rain, and wonder. This is a place where I want to share my Poetry with people. A lot of works are still works in progress, isn't that what life is though? A work in progress? We're always changing and adapting. What I wrote today I could change over a dozen times trying to find the right way to express that feeling or memory.

This is basically my online portfolio. Feel free to share HOWEVER I will ask you once and only once to not take credit for my poems and other writings as if they are your own. These are very personal to me as is most pieces of work for other artists. I love sharing this part of me and I would hate to have to change.

Feel free to offer any criticism as long as it is constructive, I can live with that you just liked it or didn't like it, on my poetry as well. I'm always looking to improve on my writing so I'm eager to 'hear' what you have to say. There will be a few different ways that I will post on here. A lot of the time it will be 'physical' in the fact that this is written down. On occasion I will post both the physical and an audio clip of myself reading the poetry.

Have a wonderfully fantastical day!




To attempt the 'challenge' use this link to generate the words:'s a great way to fight writer's block that many writers struggle with.


NOTE: I am still editing my blog so the background and layout may change several times over the next few days.

Prompt #1

Prompt #1