Based in Boise, Idaho, The word No Has Escaped is a blog by Regan Meade. Her posts explore her life and the world around her through poetry; and to explore the creative mind by encouraging other writers to challenge themselves with writing prompts.

Still Doll

Still Doll

Still Doll

Sightless eyes stare unblinking out to the world,


Following you with every step taken,

They do not move the inky darkness settles in pools of


Blood tears slid down porcelain cheecks

Damning her to live once again.

Awaken my little doll,

Not once does she move

The chains of humanity

bound her limbs between worlds

Holding her captive within her own linen prison.

Awaken Still Doll

Let the blood of your ancestors take over

Let Darkness consume the Light

and finally take a breath.

Live my little doll

Live a new life,

A cursed life,

Live amongst the damned and feel

the torment end and begin anew,

For the life you once lived...

Has never changed.

Still bound between worlds 

Your soul will never find the peace it wants,

Eyes change to the color of wine, 

a crack is formed,

Accepting is the first step,

But nothing has changed,

The Doll has awakened.