Based in Boise, Idaho, The word No Has Escaped is a blog by Regan Meade. Her posts explore her life and the world around her through poetry; and to explore the creative mind by encouraging other writers to challenge themselves with writing prompts.




A feeling that can only be described in one word


Hands grasp each other searching for comfort with a strangled hold

            Each knuckle changing its hue so that their ghosts can cringe at the color

The heart beat’s pace quickens in the moment the wind moves across skin

Thus leaves it quivering under its cage,

Glazed blue eyes glance at the wall

            Scrutinizing as hours devour minutes and minutes consume seconds

                        Pointed fingers grasp at time and hold it hostage against the vacant white walls                                     that back their crimes.

Covered toes keep rhythm as unheard music runs through the floor

causing the blood to run faster through the tunnels towards their mother,

The mind’s eye sends love letters with flashes of light through the super highways of red and blue,

            Hoping that the messages are received

                        The lungs expand in preparation and as the jolt moves around each balloon as

It races forward towards the mouth and to make a smile form,

The love letter from the brain comes out in the form of spoken word:



Wait (Revised)

Wait (Revised)

Still Doll

Still Doll