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What is the Beginning?

What is the Beginning?

What is the beginning?

Not one person has ever agreed on how it started,

Some say,

 that a mystical being was bored and created a flawed chess piece,


that it was science, organisms evolved from other organisms losing unneeded parts,


If no one can agree on that aspect of life,

How can they argue about what goes on within bodies of egg holders?

When one says

 that God created man and all its creatures

The other says

 that each race is just a conglomerate of cells dividing multiple times before the first beat,


Who is right?

Is it blind faith?


Each is right in their own way

But one should not tell the other what to do with each creation,


Have faith?

Then let what is growing inside live on

 when the time is right release it to another custody,

            Your God will guide you to the right choice,

            They will not lead you to do something that would damage the image you try to


                                    You’re not going to go to Hell,


Believe in Science?

The let that tell you when it is the right time,

            20 weeks before receptors are functioning,

                        Or earlier,

            Science would never lead you astray when there are facts to be presented,

                        There aren’t any facts that may show up later,

                                    Of course, not, Science is provable factoid




Whose place is it to say when it’s too late?

When that unborn child is laid out on the table with the shakes

because the mother doped up on heroin just before birth?

            Of course, not because no one is that stupid,

            How about when the woman is unconscious and that child is causing

                        Mental instability because she can’t remember what happened?

            Oh! What about a woman abused by a family member and is forced to carry

                        When there is a chance that that baby will not survive?


These are extremes of gross disproportion

But it makes you wonder how many of those are true?

Don’t hate me just yet!

I’ve another story to tell.


Whether you believe in science or faith,

            Be you a man or a woman,

                        Would you be told that you had to give something up

because there were just too many children?

Too many people?

                        That you could only have one.

                        God forbid,

                                    You have twins,


                                                            Would you give them up?



                                                                                    Or would you fight for the right to choose?




We will never know what the beginning is, but how about the ending?