Based in Boise, Idaho, The word No Has Escaped is a blog by Regan Meade. Her posts explore her life and the world around her through poetry; and to explore the creative mind by encouraging other writers to challenge themselves with writing prompts.

What You Thought...

What You Thought...


Is it the dislike of someone different than you, 
Or is it the loathing of something simple like broccoli;

And how it always gets stuck in the weird corner of your front tooth?


Is it the hatred of someone of a different background;
The extreme disinclination toward a different skin color;

Or is the distinct lack of taste when compared to another’s style?


Is it the purpose of being odd and unusual? 
The adaptation to your own life by finding what it means for your psyche; 
Or is it the stereotypical opaque piece of tuboware that society has push you into? 


Is it time keeps moving, leaving us as the dust that trails behind;
The stream of consciousness everything has that may or may not end; 
Or is it the meaningless and indefinable thing we give a shit about every day? 


Is it that grim reaper knocking at your door rattling your priorities
The abysmal thought of nothingness after life; 
Or is it something that can’t be defined only experienced when it is time? 

Many questions are asked without even meaning to ask.
They’re hidden and layered within the minds of those too afraid to speak out, 
to let their voices be heard above the prattle.

I ask you these questions and in return I hope that you will ask them yourself; 
Not to give me an answer, I am still searching for my own,

But to find meaning in them yourself.

One final question, and everyone else be damned:
What is the meaning of everything that you thought you knew?